An Employee Safety Tip – Benefits of Employee Check-in

Remember when you were a teenager and you went on those first early road trips to another city with your friends? Remember your Mom telling you to call her when you got there? She asked you to do that because she wanted to know that you were safe. Employee Check-ins with In TOUCH Communications are a little like that. When you operate a business that requires employees to work alone or in remote locations, it is important for you to know that your people are well and safe.

man chainsawing wood in forest

Working alone

Many businesses have employees that work in solitude or in remote locations. These positions may include security guards, gas bar attendants, mining industry workers, and others. There is a line from Chuck Norris in The Expendables in which he says that he prefers to work alone… but your employees are not Chuck Norris.

While working alone may be a necessity in some fields, it definitely comes with its drawbacks. What would happen if a solitary employee had a medical emergency or an accident? Or what if they were a victim of violence? How long would it be before anyone would notice? Would they have to wait until another employee arrives for the next shift? And what would the consequences be?

Employee Check-in

One simple solution for helping to keep your employees safe is using an Employee Check-in line through TOUCH Communications. This simple network is available 24/7. If an employee fails to check-in when they should, someone can be notified to go and check on them. This can dramatically reduce the time that they will have to wait for help should they happen to be in distress.

The system works by providing a dedicated line with no hold times for your employees to call or text at set intervals. Every call is documented with the time that the employee called and the content of their message.

Your Employee Check-in program is fully customizable based on the nature and the needs of your business.

What businesses can benefit?

Companies with employees who work in isolation can obviously benefit from this type of program, but there are several other circumstances in which a business might find the Employee Check-in system beneficial. These include businesses with employees who:

• Work where there is potential for violence
• Work offsite or in isolated locations
• Work with patients
• Work in hazardous areas or with hazardous materials
• Work with dangerous equipment

Experience the benefits of Employee Check-in

Employee Check-in is an important service that we at In TOUCH Communications are proud to be able to offer to our clients. And while we hope that your employees never find themselves in a situation where they require emergency help, it’s good to know that there is a system in place to provide that assistance.

Having Employee Check-in, shows your employees that you care about their well-being. And looking out for their safety is your responsibility as an employer.

Keeping tabs on your employees who are working alone just makes sense when their safety and security might be at risk. Your Mom kept tabs on you by telling you to call her when you arrived at your destination. We think that was pretty good advice!

Contact us for more information on our Employee Check-in service.

Touch Communication Management Appreciation Night

We already told you how much we like making our team at TOUCH feel appreciated –
Check out our Management Team at Copacabana and Friday Night live at the Royal Ontario Museum.

What a night! Filled with art, amazing food, drinks and dancing. (And lots of walking, as you could probably imagine.)

The ROM didn’t disappoint, we definitely recommend checking out their Friday Night Live series while it lasts this spring and summer.

There’s an exhibit for each and every person, to enjoy.

Touch Communication Management Appreciation Night 1         Touch Communication Management Appreciation Night 2

thank-you blocks

Touch Communication CSR Appreciation Night

At TOUCH, we really try to make our team feel appreciated.

For this years annual CSR Appreciation Night – we had our favourite guys and gals come together for some bowling at Splitsville.

It was definitely a night full of laughs and fun.
And we should mention – delicious food and drinks too, for the appetite we all worked up!

Touch Communication CSR Appreciation Night 1        Touch Communication CSR Appreciation Night 2

Appointment Handling Made Easy

For certain types of businesses, such as a busy auto repair shop or medical practice, their bottom line is driven almost exclusively by customers booking and keeping their appointments. Frustration can occur for the customer if the business accidentally overbooks itself, same goes for the business owner as well when the customer is a no-show and precious time and productivity is lost.

woman answering phone

Some companies choose to dedicate employees to the task of setting up appointments with customers, then calling to remind and confirm the appointments. This is often not the best use of the time and talent of the employees. Outsourcing these tasks to a company like TOUCH Communications can help to ensure that all important appointments are scheduled and kept while allowing your team to focus more on what they do best – running the operations of your business.

Scheduling appointments

When your customers call in to arrange an appointment, our service works by having calls transferred to one of our friendly and professional attendants. Using a web based booking calendar, we find a time slot that works best for both you and the client.

This will provide you and your staff with more time to attend to actual appointments and less time spent booking them.

Confirming appointments

When appointments are booked weeks or even months in advance, such as a medical practice, it is understandable how a customer might forget. If the customer misses the appointment, that is a loss of revenue for the business, not to mention how upsetting it will be for the customer if they have to wait several more months to get another appointment.

Appointment handling from TOUCH Communications includes a verification service whereby your customers can receive a friendly telephone reminder of their appointment. Your customers will appreciate this added level of service, it will also mean less appointment no-shows for your business.

Cancelling or rescheduling appointments

Let’s face it, as much as you would love every customer to keep every appointment, the fact is that plans change, people get ill, and jury duties happen. When a customer needs to cancel or reschedule their appointments, having a professional on your side who can help keep everything straight is a real bonus.

When you are using TOUCH Communication’s appointment handling service, customers who call in to change their appointments will be directed to one of our friendly staff who will remove that customer from their time slot, arrange a new time with them if they wish, and replace their old time slot with another booking. This helps you to avoid downtime in your business.

A personalized touch

One of the main concerns that most business owners have when using a service like ours is that the interactions will be cold, impersonal or generic. But that couldn’t be further from the truth. When we answer calls from your customers, we are representing your business and your brand.

Before we take our first call for you, we take the time to get to know your company and customize our approach specifically to your business. In appointment handling we ensure that we understand your business enough to book the appropriate amount of time for your clients; what questions we should be asking, etc. Our goal is to make sure that we handle your calls with the same care and brand consistency that you would for your business.