Get More Done with Live Call Answering

We all have them. Those high maintenance customers who take up a large chunk of our time and only provide a moderate return on our investment of time and effort. Then, of course, there are the tire kickers who never do any business with us. The problem is though that you never know when a tire kicker or high maintenance client is going to be the source of your next big sale. You still need to provide great customer service, but how do you do so and still remain productive? Live call answering from Touch Communications may be the solution you are looking for. We help businesses get more done by taking the challenging and time consuming calls for you.

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Satisfy callers by letting them talk to a real person

Not every person who calls your business needs to talk to you directly. They may be calling because they have questions that someone else can answer for them. You could have them leave a message, but then you are not offering the best possible customer service. You could answer the phone every time yourself or have one of your employees do it, but then you are losing productivity.

Live call answering services from Touch Communications gives you the best of both worlds – satisfying your caller and leaving you free to run your day to day operations.

Professional call screening

Of course, some callers really will need to get through to you. When you contract live call answering services from Touch Communications, we can customize a process by which certain calls will get transferred to you or another person in your organization.

A-list clients, callers who are experiencing an emergency or callers who are ready to make a purchase are all examples of calls that you can choose to have transferred.

Callers with questions or who are looking to book an appointment can usually be helped by our professional customer service representatives.

An extension of your business

Some people are nervous to hire a call centre because they feel that callers will find it impersonal or that their business brand won’t be well represented. But here at Touch, our goal is to be an extension of your business.

Our CSRs answer the phone and interact with callers with your script and according to your business procedures. Most callers never even realize that their call is going through to a call centre. And even if they do realize it, many would agree that speaking with a live person at a call centre is still more personal than speaking to someone’s voicemail.

More face time with customers

Every minute that you spend on the phone with callers is a minute that you are not helping customers face to face. Yes, sometimes helping people over the phone will be necessary but very often it is a job that the CSRs at Touch Communications can handle.

Using live call answering services means that you’ll be able to increase the productivity of your business, and increased productivity means increased profitability.

Give us a call if you think live call answering might be the solution you are looking for.

How a call centre can increase call conversions

Every business relies on sales in one form or another. So if you have people calling your business to make an inquiry, it quite literally pays to turn that call into a conversion. A conversion could be a sale – or a precursor to a sale (like an appointment or consultation).

Conversions are so important that many businesses employ specific strategies just to turn calls into conversions. These strategies may include providing staff training on specific scripts, or having follow-up protocol. But did you know that using a call centre can also increase your call conversions?

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Let’s take a look at some of the many reasons why using a call centre can increase conversions:

Professional Customer Service Representatives

Smaller businesses often require their staff to tackle a variety of roles. For example, a company that specializes in home renovations may have carpenters, plumbers and electricians – who may all also answer the phone when someone calls.

And while these individuals may all be excellent at their respective trades, they might not have the necessary sales skills to convince the caller to schedule a consultation.

On the other hand, most of the sales reps here at Touch Communications don’t know the first thing about renovating a kitchen – but we are excellent at talking on the phone. Since customer service is our expertise, we know how to make the caller feel at ease and can instill the proper amount of trust and excitement in them to entice them to book a consultation.

24/7 Service

Most small businesses don’t have the budget to hire someone to be on call 24/7 – and even if they did, many wouldn’t get enough calls during off hours to justify the expense. But when you contract call centre services from Touch Communications – it’s like having your own personal assistant ready to answer calls anytime day or night.

This feature can be especially helpful if you sell products or services through your website. People enjoy online shopping because it’s accessible all the time and more convenient than changing out of their pajamas and driving to your location. Sometimes, however, a caller might have a question about one of your products and wish to speak to a real live person.

If someone is ready to make a purchase at 3:00 am, the last thing you want to do is make them wait until 9:00 am as they may end up changing their mind or buying from your competitor. A quick, informative chat with one of our helpful CSRs may be all that is needed to seal the deal.

Call forwarding for emergency service

If your business offers any type of emergency service, you want to be sure that calls can get through to the right person. A caller with an emergency is not going to wait very long to get through to the right person – they will move on and find another business that can help them.

If one of your callers has an emergency, the CSRs from Touch Communications are trained to assess the situation and transfer the caller to the appropriate person in your company – which usually results in a conversion.

If call conversions are important to your business – and they should be – contact us today to learn more about how we can help.

Five Reasons to Use a Call Centre While You’re on Vacation

As a small business owner, it’s pretty normal to feel tied down to your business. If you’re a sole proprietor or only have a small team, it’s natural to feel that you can’t get away for that much needed break. Thoughts like “what if there’s an emergency?” or “what if I miss the big sale?” are all too common.

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While it might seem counterintuitive to use a call centre while you are away on vacation, it could be just the thing you need to give you peace of mind that your customers and your business are being taken care of.

Here are five good reasons why it might make sense to hire a company like Touch Communications to handle your calls while you are sipping margaritas on a tropical beach somewhere:

1. Your business isn’t “closed” – Having to essentially shut down your business because you’re away gives the impression that you run a very small operation. (And while you may indeed run a very small operation, it’s not usually to your advantage to give that impression). So instead of being “closed”, a better idea is to have a friendly customer service representative answer the phone and help your customer.

2. You don’t lose productivity – One reason why so many small business owners find it hard to get away is there is so much “catch-up” to do when they return. Sales professionals like financial advisors and real estate agents rely on being able to have regular appointments with clients and prospects. While you’re away, why not let a CSR from Touch Communications book your appointments for you so that you’ve got meetings lined up when you return and you don’t lose an extra week of productivity.

3. It helps you provide value to your customers during emergencies – Unfortunately, emergencies don’t take a vacation just because you do. If a caller has a genuine emergency, one of our CSRs can identify it and take appropriate action as per your instructions. This could be providing the caller with an emergency contact, putting the call through to a designated person or even contacting your resort to get in touch with you should you choose.

4. You can still personally serve your clients – As our world becomes increasingly digital, it is possible for some professionals to work from just about anywhere. Individuals such as lawyers, accountants, website developers and others can assist clients remotely and the client will never know whether they are wearing three-piece suit or Bermuda shorts. And while it’s true that you might not want every caller to be put through to you, there may be a few large clients that you’d still want to serve even when you’re on vacation. Since some deals can take months or even years to close, you might want to request that a call centre representative transfer certain clients directly to your mobile phone.

5. You can actually enjoy your vacation – Your vacation should be a time of relaxing and refreshing, but that can be hard to achieve if you’re worried how taking a break will affect your bottom line. With call centre service from Touch Communications you can feel confident that your business is being taken care of while you are taking care of yourself.