How can a call answering service seamlessly represent my business?

Even when business owners fully understand the benefits of using a call answering service, they may be hesitant because they are unsure how the transition process is going to work. What will my regular customers think when they call in and don’t get someone other than me? Will the transition be a smooth one? These are valid questions. So it’s important to know that your call answering service will represent your business seamlessly.

Three people in a Call Answering office.

To understand how this can be the case, it helps to know what happens BEFORE your company calls are transferred to TOUCH Communications.

Step 1: Getting your call forwarding number

When you sign up with TOUCH Communications, your business number stays the same, but you receive a call forwarding number. When callers dial your business, their calls can then be forwarded to the professional customer service reps at TOUCH Communications. For the caller, this is a seamless transition since they are always dialing your number.

Step 2: Customizing your account down to the last detail

Working with TOUCH Communications is like having a whole team of knowledgeable call answering service professionals working for your company around the clock. We start by gathering pertinent details about your business, such as the names and contact information for staff members, the type of information you will require from callers and what you wish us to do with the messages that we take.

Step 3: Representing your company and brand according to your instructions

Every business is different, so it’s understandable that you wouldn’t want a cookie cutter approach when someone is representing it. We work with you to develop how you would like our operators to greet the phone as well as questions that they should ask the caller.

We also develop processes which guide our operators on what to do with any given call. Depending on how you’d like us to represent your business, we can take messages, answer basic questions, set up or cancel appointments, forward calls to a designated person in your company and more.

Usually, we will divide calls up into different categories (e.g., Urgent, informational, appointments, etc.). Once we have these standards and processes in place, we will have you review it to determine if any changes are needed. Once you are happy and have been given the ‘all clear’ from you, we are ready to go live.

Step 4: We become an extension of your business

All the preparation leading up to this final step helps to ensure that we can seamlessly represent your business. In working with TOUCH, you can ensure that your callers will always reach a live receptionist who is able to give them the personalized service they simply couldn’t get from an automated system or voicemail.

Callers always feel that they are dealing with your business because they are!

If you have been considering using a professional call answering service such as TOUCH Communications but held back for fear that the transition might be a bumpy one, you can put those fears to rest. Our team understands that you need a seamless transition and that is exactly what we provide.

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Screen Out Calls and Increase Efficiency

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Call Answering Centre Employees

We’ve all got those automated messages before – and they’re annoying enough when we get them at home, but it’s even worse when they come to our place of business, slowing down productivity and potentially interfering with real customers who are trying to get through.

Of course, not all messages are automated. There are sales calls from people trying to sell your business all sorts of things from fixing viruses on your computer (that aren’t even there) to database to tax services. Many of these callers know nothing about your business and can tie up your precious time.

The good news is – you don’t have to deal with them.

One of the great advantages of live call answering with Touch Communications is that our professional telemarketers can screen out the calls you simply don’t have time for.

Never Leave a Real Customer Hanging

When you rely on an in-house phone system, you may have a single line or you may have 10. But there will always be a limit to how many calls will be able to get through. Unwelcome sales calls and automated messages can take up your limited space.

But with live call answering, you can be confident that your real customers will be able to reach a real person to help them with their problem, book an appointment, or help them with a purchase.

No More Wasting Precious Time

When you are in business, time is money. It’s important to make time for your customers and ignore the time wasters.

When you contract live call answering from Touch Communications, not only do we screen out the calls that you do not wish to take, but we also direct the important calls to the people that they need to go to.

For example, if you have a staff member or department that is designated to take certain types of clients or calls, we make sure those calls go through to the right people. That way, your clients are happy with the seamless service, and your staff remains productive.

Flexible Arrangements

If you have certain staff on call during certain days or hours, we can make sure calls are screened and directed according to your company’s schedule.

With live call answering from Touch Communications our professional customer service representatives will screen out all those unwanted calls – and we’ll also screen the calls you do want in order to efficiently direct them to the right person in your organization.  Because saving time is saving money!

Do you need to change things up? Is someone away, making it necessary to transfer that person’s calls to their back-up? Are you looking at screening your calls to increase your business’s efficiency and save time? Just contact us today and we can make sure that your calls are properly screened and redirected.

Customized Call Forwarding with TOUCH’s web access portal

Were you ever required to do a little travelling during a work week, or have you taken a vacation at a busy time of year for your business? Are you wondering if there are ways for you to get out of the office when you need to, but still have the confidence that your customers will get the service they deserve while you are away? One way to keep things flowing smoothly at your business while you are working on something else is to have a call-forwarding service such as that offered by Touch Communications.

Woman on Phone

What Is call forwarding?

Call forwarding (also called call diversion in some areas) is a convenient and easy way to manage calls when you are busy somewhere else. It is a service that lets you forward incoming phone calls to another number, which can even be a mobile phone or pager. This service allows you to take the call when you are able to. Once the call is answered by a professional Call Service Representative (CSR) in a call centre, the call can then be forwarded to a number of your choice.

Call forwarding increases the availability of the business to its clients or customers, no matter the type of business. This helps eliminate the need for customers to leave recorded messages on a machine or voicemail. Call forwarding services give that human touch that means so much to so many clients, which in turn can improve the relationship between business and client.

Here are a few reasons it makes sense to have a customized Call Forwarding service with TOUCH’s web access portal.

Customized Accounts

Customized accounts are created by Touch’s trained representatives to allow a broad range of variety and flexibility with your calls so all needs are met. Your business has its own special requirements, and a customized call forwarding account with TOUCH’s web access portal can ensure the care and service you need.

Round the clock service

Touch Communications’ call forwarding service operates 24 hours a day, seven days a week – which means you never have to miss an important call.

Incoming calls can be forwarded to any telephone number you choose and different types of calls can be sent to different personnel within your organization. The service can be as customized as you need it to be for your business including arranging for designated personnel to change at certain times or on certain days.

The best in customer care

To serve all customers the best way possible, all personnel at Touch Communications undergo extensive customer service training. All software and systems are programmed, designed, and built by TOUCH personnel. This allows new features, new services, and a new custom design solutions with a cutting edge.

Using customized call forwarding with TOUCH’s web access portal makes sense. Set your mind at ease with a service that works for you and your business. Make sure that every call that comes into your business receives the human touch and is dealt with in the most efficient manner possible.