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Independent But Not Alone – Live Call Answering Services

Independent professionals have many challenges as individuals who do not have the benefits of working on a large team or for a large company or organization. One of the most common obstacles that independent professionals may undergo is the ability to provide adequate communication services to their customers, due to lack of ongoing availability. For this reason, many independent professionals take advantage of live call answering services.
If you own and operate your own business without an administrative team, live call answering services can help accomplish the communication needs of your company without having to employ anyone to man a desk.

How Does Live Call Transfer work?

Live Call Transfer allows you to advertise one contact number that connects your customers and potential customers with your company through one of our live receptionists. Whether you are at the office, at home, at the cottage or on the go, our live receptionist is able to reach you on any line of communication to put a call through to you anywhere in the world. If you’re on vacation for a week but don’t want your voicemail to pile up, you can stay in touch with all of your customers through a Live Call Transfer system. The best part is that your customer will never know that you are anywhere else other than the office.
Not only does this provide the best opportunity for excellent communication with all of your clients, business partners and other professionals, it allows you as an independent business professional to have the flexibility to enjoy life outside of your office without sacrificing your business.
Live Call Transfers can correspond as many phone numbers as necessary for as many different people as you need. Whether you are maintaining the lines of communication for a group of people or you are on your own, Live Call Transfers can assist all staff sizes.

Touch Communications provides Live Call Transfers as well as many other services to assist you in handling your business. Contact us for more information on the services we provide.