Elevate your Business with an After Hours Call Answering Service

Maybe your business doesn’t operate 24/7. Perhaps there is no need for it to. Even if this is the case, there may still be benefits to having live call answering in the evening. Working with a call centre like TOUCH Communications allows customers to contact your business any time of day, and this can often be the difference between making the sale or giving the sale away to your competitors.

business man in the kitchen talking on the phone

The following are just a few of the ways that an after hours call answering service can help your business:

Create a Better Work-Life Balance

Many professionals like real estate agents and financial advisors work independently or are independent contractors with a larger firm. Since they are on commission, they often feel tied to their phones. This can put quite a strain on personal and family time when someone wants to reach them in the evening.

You definitely do not want to be THAT person who spends their child’s entire little league game on their phone!

Using TOUCH Communication’s night service can take away some of that burden. When someone calls, a professional customer service agent takes the call, answers basic questions and lets the caller know when they can expect to hear back from you.

Provide More Value for Your Customers

In business, ones who provide the greatest value to their customers win. Since customers want service when they want it, it makes sense to at least provide some basic services to your customers even after hours.

Services that could be provided with TOUCH’s night service include providing basic information and answering questions, scheduling and canceling appointments, as well as taking payments and registrations.

Offer Emergency Services

Perhaps you own a business that would benefit from offering emergency after-hours service. Dental offices, plumbing companies, and auto repair shops could all fit this bill. Since emergencies don’t happen every night (thank goodness!), it might not make sense to pay someone to be on-call.

But you’d still like your customers to be able to get through to someone. TOUCH Communications’ night service helps to solve that problem. A TOUCH CSR can answer the call, determine whether in fact, it is an emergency, and then transfer the call either to yourself or to the appropriate person in your company.

Project a More Professional Image

Starting a business has never been easier – sometimes all it takes is a website and a handful of business cards. But you don’t necessarily want to let your customers know how small your business is.

Whether you are a freelance website designer, a bookkeeper, or running your own e-commerce store, making use of an after hours call answering service can project a more competent and professional image to your callers.

After all, if it’s just you, you can’t possibly answer the phone every time it rings!

These are just a few of the benefits to having an after hours call answering service. Just because you are not working at night doesn’t mean that your business can’t be accessible to potential customers and project a professional brand image. Ready to elevate your business? Contact us today and our team of experts at TOUCH Communications will help set you up with an after hours call answering service right away.

Using a Live Call Answering Service to Manage your Busy Pet Clinic

If your pet clinic seems like an animal farm sometimes, a call answering service can bring back the calm and restore your animal loving soul.

A cat having a check-up at a pet clinic

If you own or work at a pet clinic, you no doubt love all furry friends. When you opened up shop to help maintain and restore health to a plethora of pets, you never thought you’d spend half your time on the phone. While a phone that rings off the hook is a good sign that your business is thriving, caring for animals shouldn’t mean spending the better part of your day on the phone. A live call answering service will get you off the phone while keeping you in touch with all the animals that come through your doors for help.

When a present or prospective customer contacts your business through your phone, they will be delighted with the answering service that will answer their questions, book their appointment, and put them in touch with the help they are searching for. There’s no need for that call to go to a busy signal, answering machine, or worse, go unanswered.

No Calls Left Unanswered

24/7 live answering services will ensure that not only will valued customers be cared for while you are serving others, but the service will expand the hours that you’re able to service all your customers. Whether you decide to let your customers know they are dealing with answering service or want them to believe they have reached your storefront, is your call. Both have their advantages. Rest assured, though, customers that reach your call answer service will be greeted with polite, knowledgeable and helpful service.

A live call answering service will fill in any customer service gaps you may have. If you are on holidays, your call answer service can take care of communications while you’re away.  Simply away from your desk? A call answer service will ensure that no calls are missed.  Call transfer is available for those days when you’re on the golf course. Yes, good pet clinic care can be given, even while improving your long game.

TOUCH Communications Provides your Clients with a Unique Experience

A great call answer service will treat your business with unique care, setting it aside from the competition. There is no generic answering of your phone and all greetings will reflect the tone of your pet clinic. Aside from the obvious choice of having a dog answer your phone, any answering service you choose should come close to this unique experience when they dial your number.

Don’t let chaos dictate the atmosphere in your pet clinic. A call answer service will take some of the busy out of your busy clinic, ensuring that customers are receiving a calm, and relaxed service as they have their pet cared for. A live call answering service for your pet clinic will restore your delight in helping animals and give you more time to do what you do best. If you still have further questions regarding a live call answering service for your pet clinic, or simply ready to sign up, contact us today and our team of experts at TOUCH Communications will be ready to help.

Learn More about Live Call Answering

Live Call Answering Service for Towing Companies

If you own or manage a towing company, then you know that when the phone rings, there is a caller on the other end of the line that needs help immediately. They are either on the side of the road somewhere with a broken down vehicle or they are an angry property owner who needs to get a vehicle removed from their premises.

Man on Phone by Broken Down Car

The problem is that it’s not always easy to answer a call. You may be short staffed or you may be on the road yourself driving one of your tow trucks. A live call answering service is an excellent solution for tow truck companies looking to provide better service to their customers.

A live call answering service such as that offered by Touch Communications can make the process of operating a towing service much smoother. Professional customer service representatives are on hand 24 hours a day, 7 days a week – so when that distraught or angry caller gets on the line, there is always someone available to take their call.

Here are a few more benefits that tow truck companies get from using live call answering services:

1.      24/7 Service at a fraction of the cost

Most tow truck companies want to be available 24/7 – after all, a breakdown can happen at any time of day or night. The problem is – unless you have a very large company, you’re probably not going to get a call EVERY night. And paying a staff member to sit in an office – or even to be on call – 24/7 can be quite costly.

Using a call centre, on the other hand, is generally much more affordable and TOUCH’s CSRs are always ready to provide professional and friendly service.

2.      Call forwarding and dispatching

Of course answering the call and taking the customer’s information is only step one for towing services. The next step comes in actually contacting a driver and relaying the information so that they can go the aid of the caller.

Depending on how your company works, a TOUCH CSR can either forward the call on to someone else in your company, or they can take down the information and then contact one of your drivers. An online database can be created for CSRs to check drivers’ schedules, assigned area, etc.

3.      Unsurpassed customer service

Dealing with people is not just a job for us – it’s our passion. And we are really good at it. When someone requires a tow truck they may be panicked, upset, excited, frightened, or angry. Also, the manner in which they are dealt with on the phone is going to matter. For most, it will be the first impression they get of your company.

Therefore, it is important that when a call is answered, the caller is dealt with in a calm and professional way. By employing the services of a company such as TOUCH – you know that your customers’ calls will be handled by experts.

Are you ready to take your towing company’s customer service to the next level? Then contact TOUCH Communications today and learn how we can help your business.