Five Reasons to Use a Call Centre While You’re on Vacation

As a small business owner, it’s pretty normal to feel tied down to your business. If you’re a sole proprietor or only have a small team, it’s natural to feel that you can’t get away for that much needed break. Thoughts like “what if there’s an emergency?” or “what if I miss the big sale?” are all too common.

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While it might seem counterintuitive to use a call centre while you are away on vacation, it could be just the thing you need to give you peace of mind that your customers and your business are being taken care of.

Here are five good reasons why it might make sense to hire a company like Touch Communications to handle your calls while you are sipping margaritas on a tropical beach somewhere:

1. Your business isn’t “closed” – Having to essentially shut down your business because you’re away gives the impression that you run a very small operation. (And while you may indeed run a very small operation, it’s not usually to your advantage to give that impression). So instead of being “closed”, a better idea is to have a friendly customer service representative answer the phone and help your customer.

2. You don’t lose productivity – One reason why so many small business owners find it hard to get away is there is so much “catch-up” to do when they return. Sales professionals like financial advisors and real estate agents rely on being able to have regular appointments with clients and prospects. While you’re away, why not let a CSR from Touch Communications book your appointments for you so that you’ve got meetings lined up when you return and you don’t lose an extra week of productivity.

3. It helps you provide value to your customers during emergencies – Unfortunately, emergencies don’t take a vacation just because you do. If a caller has a genuine emergency, one of our CSRs can identify it and take appropriate action as per your instructions. This could be providing the caller with an emergency contact, putting the call through to a designated person or even contacting your resort to get in touch with you should you choose.

4. You can still personally serve your clients – As our world becomes increasingly digital, it is possible for some professionals to work from just about anywhere. Individuals such as lawyers, accountants, website developers and others can assist clients remotely and the client will never know whether they are wearing three-piece suit or Bermuda shorts. And while it’s true that you might not want every caller to be put through to you, there may be a few large clients that you’d still want to serve even when you’re on vacation. Since some deals can take months or even years to close, you might want to request that a call centre representative transfer certain clients directly to your mobile phone.

5. You can actually enjoy your vacation – Your vacation should be a time of relaxing and refreshing, but that can be hard to achieve if you’re worried how taking a break will affect your bottom line. With call centre service from Touch Communications you can feel confident that your business is being taken care of while you are taking care of yourself.


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