Never Lose a Lead with Live Call Answering Service

No one calls a business with the intent of leaving a voice message. When a potential client calls a business for information, pricing or to retain their service, they want to speak with someone that is going to help them. The last thing they want to do is leave a message. There’s a strong chance they’ll hang up the phone and call someone else, most likely the competition. People buy from other people, not from voice recordings. Never lose a sales lead again. Switch to live call answering.


Money is at stake every time your phone rings. You don’t want to lose one lead. How can you make sure you have enough phone coverage at your business without breaking the bank on more people, equipment and more phone lines. The answer is simple. A live call answering service and Touch Communications.

Touch Communications is an answering service that that works for you. We consider ourselves an extension of your business. The days of just taking a message and paging are over. We get to know your business so you can trust us with your business. We provide 24/7 live answering and our staff provides a seamless experience for your customers with the same care they have come to expect from you.

Our 24 hour live answering service allows a business to run smoothly even during peak times and after hours. A growing business will reach a critical point when they will require a 24 answering service. Let your employees focus their undivided attention on each customer without worry of getting a business signal or call waiting. They can have peace of mind knowing that an established company is handling overflow calls and taking detailed messages.

Sales calls are the lifeblood of your business. What’s the point in spending money on marketing or any other aspect of your business if you’re not accessible to your clients? Although a lot of business and sales are done online, there are plenty of people who still prefer speaking with someone on the phone. Many potential clients prefer to speak to an actual person. Getting one sale a month through a live telephone answering service
could mean that it pays for itself.

Unlike a receptionist or your staff, a live telephone answering service can be on hand all day and night, every day of the year. This is important because it means outside of regular office hours, your business has a real person manning the phones, ready to deal with inquiries and provide answers to any other aspects of customer service required. It could also mean sales when your company is closed for business until the following day.

Having a live answering service means that calls will never ring through or go unanswered. Also, during busy and peak periods the live service will be able to handle any unexpected spikes in the number of calls, meaning you’ll never lose out on potential calls.

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