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With technology evolving the way it is, it’s getting easier and easier for smaller businesses to compete with larger ones. Regardless of whether your business is a young tech start-up in your business partner’s mom’s basement or you have a small operation in a downtown office or shop, one way to improve your brand identity and make your business appear more professional is to use the services of a call centre such as those offered by Touch Communications.

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Let’s examine some of the ways call centre services can improve your image:

Customers don’t have to know you don’t have a fancy office

There are many types of businesses where the customer never has to visit a brick and mortar location in order to get service. These businesses include website design firms, tradespeople, real estate agents and several others. Typically what customers will observe first is your company website and how they are received and treated when they call your company.

Make a good impression in these two areas and it will leave a positive brand image in the minds of your customers.

Small staff? No problem

As a small business, you might not always have enough manpower to answer every call that comes to your company. It is likely more important for your people to be out on sales calls, or otherwise dealing face to face with clients or working on projects rather than answering calls from people who may just be kicking tires.

When you use call centre services from Touch Communications, it frees your staff up to perform these other duties. Our professional CSRs can provide callers with basic information, set up appointments through a web-based portal, and even forward emergency calls to an assigned staff person in your organization.

This helps boost your brand image both in the eyes your callers who are dealt with in a friendly and professional manner as well as in the eyes of your face to face customers who will have the full attention of your staff.

24/7 Service

Most businesses today simply don’t have the capacity to be available for callers 24/7 – and this is especially true of smaller organizations. Despite this fact, customers and potential customers want information when they want it, and many will not bother to leave a message should their call be forwarded to voicemail.

With call centre services from Touch Communication, however, it is like having someone in the office all the time who is ready to take your customers’ calls. Your callers will appreciate the fact that someone is there to answer their questions, listen to their concerns or book their appointments.

But how will customers feel about getting forwarded to a call centre?

That’s the truly beautiful part about all of this. They won’t know! When you contract call centre services from Touch Communications, your unanswered calls get transferred to our call centre, where our professional CSRs will answer the call using a script that you provide.

Our CSRs will have the ability to perform a number of other functions decided by you – such as appointment booking, or transferring certain calls to your cell phone. From the customer’s perspective, they are dealing entirely with your business.

And it is this reliable, professional, and friendly service that will help to set your brand apart from the competition. So if you’re ready to take the next steps in growing your business, contact us and our team will be ready to help you get started.

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